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Friends of Independence

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Thank you for being a supporter of Independence National Historical Park

  Past generosity has ensured that countless people have found enjoyment while visiting our park…but now our national park needs help more than ever.

 Past support of the Friends of Independence helped us make a lasting difference to our park. It has enabled us to:


v beautify the landscape in historic Washington Square through the mulching of flowers beds and planting of trees so visitors and residents alike are able to enjoy this Philadelphia jewel.


v provide free, educational tours during the summer months to thousands  of visitors and allowed us to offer additional support to the park when our volunteers staffed the visitor services desk at the Independence Visitor Center.


v  and your contribution helped enhance the security cases in our West Wing Exhibit titled, The Great Essentials. The cases house three of the most important documents (The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States) in our country and due to your commitment; they will be preserved for future generations.


  While we are proud of what we have accomplished with the support… there is so much more we can be doing 

 Government budget cuts have limited the resources national parks have to offer basic services, let alone the park’s enhancement to the visitor. Groups like the Friends of Independence can help during budget cut crises but not without support from people like you.

 With your help, we can 

v Provide school buses to schools to insure that more children come to the park to enhance their classroom learning.


v Expand our volunteer educational programs to offer them outside the summer months and more frequently.


v Promote healthy living to all ages through the use of our national park.


v Remind people why Independence National Historical Park and the events that occurred here in 1776, are a lasting tribute to the great American Spirit


We hope you will consider a year end contribution of to help promote the best, most dynamic park of all of America’s national historical parks.